There has been a choir at the main Mass at St Hilda’s from the time it opened in 1867, and probably from the earliest days of the parish. For many years it was all-male, though the organists for 100 years were mostly ladies. The repertoire consisted of both plainchant and choral pieces, mostly in Latin. At one time St Hilda’s was well-known for the quality of its 11am choral Masses.

In the 1970s, at the time the liturgy moved into English, ladies began to take part, and the emphasis on chant lessened. Some present members have been in the choir for over 25 years.

These days little Latin is sung, replaced by a mix of old and new hymns and worship songs. We lead the congregation in singing a rotating selection of settings of the ‘ordinary’ of the Mass, including the Lourdes Gloria, the Holy Holy of the Gathering Mass, Celtic Alleluia, and adapted chant settings in English. The hymnbook currently in use is Catholic Hymns Old and New,  published by Mayhew.

An influx of retirees to the parish bought their experience of other churches and choirs to the choir. There are currently around a dozen members. We are always looking to expand our choir with new members and if you want more information please contact:

Mark Edwards

Choir St Hildas Mass 12 March 2023