Lent Retreat 2024

St. Hilda´s RC parish Lent Retreat

Turning to God

This year´s retreat in every day life will begin on

Wednesday 21st February

7pm  until approx.. 8.15pm

28th February  –  6th March  –  13th March – 20th March 3rd April

All are welcome to take part. No retreat experience is needed, just the longing to get to know Jesus Christ better and to hear His Good News for today.

A ZOOM version of the retreat is planned for Thursday mornings    from 9.45am to approx. 11 am  beginning Thursday 22nd  February.

If you are interested in making the parish retreat please get in touch with Angela Simek angela.simek.hall@gmail.com or join us for the first evening.

Turning to God

Lent retreat 2024 in St. Hilda´s RC parish, Whitby

In preparation for next year´s jubilee year “Pilgrims of Hope” Pope Francis has called for 2024 to be a year of prayer. He says: “Prayer is how we open ourselves to the inspiration of God and is the light which illumines the pathway on our pilgrim journey.”

In prayer we turn to God in many different ways and for many reasons. Wherever we are, we can turn to God in gratitude and joy, but also in sorrow and distress, in petition and in silence. In Scripture we read of people turning to God, but also turning away from God, and we hear the consequences of their actions. We, too, know how this plays out in our own lives.

In our annual parish retreat during Lent we are invited to turn to God anew by accepting God´s invitation to come closer and to learn from His Son through his life on earth and his Passion. We do this through our prayerful meditation on Scripture and our reflection on how God is always present in every situation and every circumstance of our daily lives, past, present and future, if we only let Him be and by our constant turning to Him throughout the day in loving trust.

The retreat includes

       A weekly group meeting in the parish hall (Walker St).

     A weekly leaflet with Bible passages and a short reflection to pray with

       A daily time of prayer using the Bible passages from the retreat leaflet.

   A weekly conversation with a retreat guide (in person/telephone/Zoom)

Contact Angela Simek at angela.simek.hall@gmail.com for further details or join us for the first evening.