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Madonna House is an Apostolic Family of lay women, lay men and priests. We are a family in the Church dedicated to loving and serving Christ in all people. We make lifetime promises of poverty, chastity and obedience. Our main house and training centre is in Combermere, Canada. Approximately 200 members serve in 17 field houses in six countries.

In 1985, Madonna House was invited to take responsibility for St Bede’s chapel in Robin Hood’s Bay and to develop a Pastoral Centre at this location. At present there are four members in residence. People are welcome to drop in for a chat and a cup of tea, to spend quiet time in prayer or make a personal retreat. Our house is also open for groups to come. Sometimes it is for Mass and a talk and a get together, perhaps with a packed lunch or shared meal. Sometimes it is for a day of recollection. Young people are welcome to come for an experience of community life.

Please call to book a day. Members are also available to travel elsewhere in the diocese to give talks. Please contact:

Jeanne Guillemette, Director

Tel: 01947 880169



Address: Madonna House, Thorpe Lane, Robin Hood’s Bay, YO22 4TQ


Canon Wright instituted a twice-weekly Catechetical Class to serve the children of this area of the parish in the 1950s. This was held at Chapel Cottage, in Fylingthorpe, with encouraging results. The original class  included two small girls and a boy living at the Red House, on Thorpe Lane, and in 1955 this house became a centre for weekly Mass.

In 1958 the diocese bought Lingers Toft, a large house above the bend of the road between the two villages, built in 1887. This they renamed St Bede’s, and it served as a chapel-of-ease to first St Hilda’s, and then St Patrick’s parish. The upper floors were let as a flat.

In 1985 Bishop Augustine Harris invited the Madonna House Apostolate, founded in 1947 in Combermere, Ontario, Canada, to take up residence, and to provide a pastoral presence for the Diocese of Middlesbrough.

Madonna House Robin Hoods Bay lives “hospitality of the heart” by receiving individuals or groups, for family meals, days of recollection, questions about the Catholic faith, or a tour and a cup of tea. Visitors come to talk about the things that matter to them and to ask for prayers. All are welcome; the ecumenical dimension of our apostolate is growing.


Thorpe Lane, Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire, Y022 4TQ, England.

01947 880 169

+44 1947 880 169