Music Group

In 2014 Denise and Juliet, two singers in the choir, started a group to accompany the singing once a month with guitars and other instruments. The music group grew out of the need to cover Sunday morning music when regular organist Mark Edwards was unavailable. Among the choir members, there were other musicians (guitarists, violinists) who were keen to provide more folk style music with the choir continuing to lead the singing.They stand in the Lady Chapel, with the choir sitting in the aisle, and the sound is clearly projected around the church without the aid of microphones.

Some years ago, after discussion with Mark, it was decided that a more permanent arrangement of once a month would be really useful. There was also the aim of trying to include younger musicians and for a while there was regular input from a flautist, trumpeter and recorder player. These young people have since moved away from the area but younger mass attendees are encouraged to join the group and play percussion instruments to accompany the hymns.

The musicians assemble at the front of the church to lead the music at the 10.30 mass and the choir continue to lead the singing from the front pews The group is always looking to expand its team and widen its range of instruments. If you wish to volunteer or for more information please contact our coordinator below:

Denise Murphy

Tel: 07708 842404



At Music – English Martyr’s we have two people with guitars who sing and play. Val Farrow and Tony Hodgson taking turns each Sunday and on Holy Days to lead the singing, with the congregation joining in with the hymns.

We would love other people who are interested in helping out with playing or singing to get in touch with us.

Kath Nellis