Request for Music Services


Arrangements are made with the priest, who will advise on the form of service.

For a non-Eucharistic marriage, it is usual to have one or two hymns, with organ music at the Bride’s Entrance, and at the Departure. 

A hymn or solo organ music is usual at the Signing of the Register. For a Nuptial Mass there may be more hymns, as arranged with the priest.

All music choices should be discussed with the organist as far in advance as possible though not necessarily on first contact.  While he will endeavour to fulfil any requests, he has the discretion to reject a choice as being beyond his competence, or not suitable according to Diocesan guidelines.

Fees are applicable for music services, and these can be discussed with the parish priest when making all other arrangements.. Payment should be made BEFORE the service, either direct to the organist or left with the priest. If the organist needs to acquire new music, a cost may be added at the organist’s discretion, and advised when the music requests are discussed.

The most asked-for pieces are:


  • Bridal March from Lohengrin, Wagner (known as Here comes the bride)
  • Canon in D, Pachelbel
  • Air from The Water Music, Handel

At the Register:

  • Ave Maria by J S Bach and C Gounod. This may be an organ solo, or with singer if available.
  • A hymn, or from the above list.


  • Wedding March from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Mendelssohn.
  • From the above list except the Bridal March.

(Note: Please do not ask for Toccata from Symphony no. 5, Widor)


Time and date are arranged with the Funeral Director, who will advise the organist. The choice of music is usually arranged with the Funeral Director, or the priest, who will advise the organist.

While the organist will aim to fulfil requests, instrumental choices are played solely at his discretion, and he may decline if it is beyond his capability, or unable to obtain and rehearse the music in time.

A fee is payable to the organist for his attendance, irrespective of the quantity of music requested. This is set by the Funeral Director, who arranges payment.

Singers at Weddings and Funerals

It may be possible to arrange a solo singer, but no commitment is ever made until an appropriate singer is confirmed with the organist. It is the organist’s discretion whether he agrees to accompany any solo singer from outside the church, or the choice of music made by that person.

The Choir may be invited to attend but no guarantee is ever made about their attendance. 

Any fee for a solo singer is entirely at the discretion of the soloist. The organist will have no part in any discussion or transaction.

Please Note:

Due to personal circumstances the church organist Mark Edwards, regrets that after 30 years he has had to take the decision to step back from his involvement in requests for musical services.

Mark is at present not available to play the organ at any church service during weekdays Monday – Saturday, this includes Weddings, Funerals or Holy days.

Mark will continue to play the organ at Sunday Mass.

For any requests for musical services please speak to the Parish Priest, Fr. Pat Keogh about the availability of other players in respect of music at Weddings and Funerals.